Eulogy for Dennis Barlow

Created by Ella on 09/10/2009
Dennis was born in Birmingham on January 9th 1940, to Ted and Lillian Barlow. He was their only child and grew up in the Birmingham area, moving to Sheldon when he was twelve years old. I am told that Dennis was a bit of a ‘Mummies Boy’. After leaving school at the age of fifteen, Dennis went on to work as a mechanic, then as a welder at the Land Rover plant; sandwiched between two periods at Land Rover he worked for eight years as an industrial fireman at Fort Dunlop. Dennis was a hard-working man and provided well for his family. He married Ella thirty years ago when he was thirty seven years old; his mum got real upset when he had to stop staying at her home between his shifts at Land Rover - Ella got the blame for taking Dennis away from his Mum. Dennis and Ella went on to have four children, Heath, Audra, Collette and Leanne, who in turn provided them with eight Grandchildren… Tom, Luke, Amy, Tyler, Daniel, Georgia, Atlanta and Paris. Dennis also had six Great Grandchildren. One of his hobbies was fishing, although the nearest he got to doing it in Spain was handling the battered variety. Dennis was also a great lover of D.I.Y…he was a very practical man. One of his many projects was motorising his push-mower with a car battery [and it worked], another project was building an extension…. onto the rabbit hutch. This had to be done as Leanne’s dwarf rabbit grew bigger than the dog… he just loved making things and would try his hand at anything. Dennis unsuccessfully tried to retire three times and even after moving to Spain in 2002, he could not rest and started working again. Being a very private man for all of his life and usually very placid, Dennis could at times get onto his soapbox when roused and deliver both barrels; perhaps that’s why he was sometimes called ‘Victor’ [ I don’t believe it ]. Dennis strongly disliked swearing, rude or bad mannered people and drivers who did not indicate where they were going to go; he was also known by the nickname ‘Potato Boy’. Dennis always put everyone else first and was totally happy as long as he had enough money in his pocket to buy a pint; he loved his ‘telly’, especially his favourite programme ‘Only fools and horses’. His life totally revolved around his family who he loved dearly… they were his life. God bless you Dennis - you will be sadly missed by everyone who knew you.